Cleaning, Washing & Repair

Looking for Horse Rug wash Services in Carmarthenshire? We are a family business specializing in the supplying, cleaning, repairing and re proofing of your horse rugs. View our price list.

The Muddy Rug Wash offer a Drop off & collection service or surrounding areas.

Horse Rug wash Services in Carmarthenshire

With many years of experience in the equine laundry field we can offer you a fast and reliable turn round on any number of your horses rugs, Numnahs, girths or your outdoor clothing.

horserugrepaircarmarthenshire minDamaged Horse Rugs Repairs

Repairing Your Horse Rugs: We reliably carry all repairs out ‘in house’ and will advise you if the repair is economically viable to carry out or not. Invariably they are!

Every effort is made to colour match the patches with recycled rug material or new. Alterations and customising your rug to fit or have a neck attached are not a problem.

Washing Your Horse Rug

Rugwash uses large commercial washing machines that have been programmed to give the best results on the different types of horse rug and the degree of soiling.

nixwaxRe-Waterproofing Your Horse Rugs

This process is performed in the washing machine so all the rug is treated, the outer, inner wadding and lining. The frequency of re-proofing depends on the age of the rug; a re-proofing treatment should last for a season and is recommended to be done each year.

We sell many equine cleaning and health products for your horse on site in our Tack Shop.